We have an opening for an intern here at Ruby Press. I hope you're our dream candidate!


About Ruby Press


We’ve been there through it all- back when print was king, digital media was a new terrain, blogs were “it”, and influencers gained new territory- and we’ll be there through the next changes in the media landscape.  But what hasn’t changed is our values. Our goal has never been to increase the size of the business, but rather to continue to work with compelling brands that inspire and excite us.   Our passion is in the work we do- working with great clients and surpassing their expectations. Quality of life is very important here at Ruby Press- I want to love the team I work with and the clients we represent, and I want them to feel the same.


Are you the next intern to join our team?


You love lifestyle/design, fashion, food and beauty media.  You can't get enough of magazines, online content and social media. You sometimes wonder if you're living in the right place- surrounding by tech. ; ) (And have had a hard time finding PR internships that aren't tech-related in the Bay Area.). You have a positive approach to life, want to love what you do, and genuinely like dealing with people and building new relationships.  You are detail-oriented and work hard, but like to have some good laughs during the day.  You write and communicate well, and take pride in your work.  Simply put, you're a rock star.


Maybe you are pursuing a degree in Communications, Public Relations, or Marketing (or something related), maybe you have graduated and have been working but realized you're in the wrong field and want to make a change!


If this sounds like you- and I hope it does!- please take a look at our current clients and read what the editors, influencers and clients have said about us. Please send me a cover letter and resume (  if you're interested in learning more and think that you could be the right fit for the internship.  Tell me why I should hire you.


Ruby Press internships are 6 months in duration and 2-3 full days per week. Please do not apply if you do not live in the SF Bay Area.  And yep, that's our office you see on our website. We are on the top floor of a beautiful historic building the heart of downtown Oakland, with a BART stop right at the front door.